Daisy Cabrera is a seasoned bilingual, bicultural public relations expert
with almost two decades of specialized experience in Hispanic communications and marketing.

The Hispanic Market

GrandfatherIt’s no secret that the 53.3 million Hispanics - nearly one in six residents – make up the nation’s largest minority group and largest immigrant group. The population continues to bloom as nearly one in three residents will be Hispanic by the end of 2060. With this undeniable growth surge comes an equally powerful purchasing power. In fact, Hispanic purchasing power is an impressive $1.5 trillion dollars.
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Over half of all Hispanics reside in three states: CA, TX and FL. The top 10 Hispanic cities include: Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, San Antonio, Phoenix and Harlington. Los Angeles alone is home to more than 5 million Hispanics.

Although Hispanics share a common language, the community is a colorful and vibrant mosaic of different countries and customs each with its own unique history. The nation’s Hispanics trace their heritage to more than 20 Spanish-speaking nations worldwide. The largest Hispanic-origin groups are Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Salvadorans, Cubans, Dominicans, Guatemalans, Colombians, Spaniards, Hondurans, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans and Argentineans.

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Core Hispanic values include: the strength of family, socializing, maintaining a sense of spirituality, being part of community, having a strong work ethic, courageous entrepreneurialism and enjoying a degree of success in this country.

A true, cultivated understanding of Hispanic culture – and the nuisances, preferences, perceptions, needs, traits of this population - is essential to communicating in a meaningful and impactful way with this prominent market.
Interesting Facts:
  • • Spanish is the most spoken non-English language, although almost 60% of Hispanics speak English proficiently.
  • • There are over 3.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • • Hispanics place greater emphasis on homeownership than other populations.
  • • Two in five Hispanic Millennials are mobile-only Internet users, about 80% of Hispanic adults use social media and Facebook is the most popular online site.
  • • Hispanics spend nearly four times as long shopping online via websites or apps.
  • • Amazon has the highest number of unique visitors among English-dominant Hispanics while YouTube has the highest among Spanish-dominant Hispanics.
  • • More than half of all Hispanics are below the age of 30.
  • • More than 80% of Hispanic kids under the age of 18 were born in the U.S., and one in four American kids are Hispanic.
  • • One in four Hispanics live in a multi-generational household.
  • • While the nation’s fastest growing aging population is Hispanic, the overall death rate is almost 20% lower in comparison to non-Hispanic Whites.
  • • Almost 60% of Hispanics between 20-29 years old were born in the U.S.
  • • Of the 74 million children in the U.S., 17.5 million are Hispanic.

Client Services

With a strong Hispanic communications and marketing background from all sides – Agency, in-house and freelance –
Daisy Cabrera’s bilingual client services include:

  • Senior level counsel, planning & programming
  • National & regional/local media relations
  • Social media strategy & blogger partnerships
  • Celebrity engagement
  • Spokesperson media training
  • Press & internal material development
  • Published blogger, content marketing & copywriter
  • Press/consumer event management
  • Crisis communications
  • Third-party relationship building

Industry Experience

As an award-winning Hispanic public relations expert, Daisy Cabrera has serviced the brand communications needs of prestigious blue chip leaders across a wide spectrum of industries. Please click the boxes below to see current and past clients served per industry.

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                              Celebrity Engagement

                              Daisy Cabrera has worked with influential Hispanic celebrities in publicizing client campaigns, launching program initiatives, promoting live appearances and performances, and more.

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                              Online Portfolio

                              With almost two decades of experience, Daisy Cabrera founded Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) Miami Chapter

                              She has held various senior-level positions including: Vice President of Media Relations at JPMorgan Chase, Director/Vice President at Edelman Miami, Southeast Regional Manager of Media Relations at Macy's and Associate Vice President of Hispanic Practice at Havas Worldwide.

                              Whether you’re looking to discuss a new project or need further information, please fill in the contact information or send a direct email to: daisy@daisycabrera.com